Photo courtesy of Workhorse Group Inc.

Photo courtesy of Workhorse Group Inc.

Workhorse Group Inc. is deploying a fleet of battery-electric cargo vans in the San Francisco Bay area for last-mile delivery and commercial work fleets.

The N-Gen cargo vans were built from the ground up by Workhorse, and are designed with low floors and a high-roof to improve worker efficiency and ergonomics, according to Renewable Energy Magazine. Workhorse has said that the vans will provide an anticipated range of 100 miles on a single charge.

The vans will be officially deployed in April, but vehicles of the pilot program will be testing deliveries on lives routes in March, according to NGT News.

Ryder will act as the exclusive maintenance provide for Workhorse’s light- and medium- duty range-extended EV fleet in North America, according to NGT News. Ryder is supporting the EVs via warranty and maintenance services part of its fleet maintenance portfolio.

N-Gen electric vans will also feature an optional integrated HorseFly Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Package Delivery System.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet