Photo: Geotab

Photo: Geotab

Alaska's Dalton Highway (State Route 11) has been named the most scenic and quiet route in the U.S., according to new analysis from Geotab.

The 414-mile road starts just north of Fairbanks and ends at Deadhorse near the Arctic Ocean and Prudhoe Bay Oil Fields. It was built in 1974 to supply the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System.

Other quiet routes include Utah's U.S. Route 50, a 3,000-mile route that's been dubbed "America's Loneliest Road;" Maine's U.S. Route 201 that's known as the "Old Canada Road" and runs 157 miles; Arizona's U.S. Route 160 in Navajo Nation; and California's State Route 139, a 143-mile stretch from Susanville to the Oregon state line.

The top 10 also includes Virginia's State Route 90003 (Colonial Highway) from Yorktown to Jamestown; Louisiana's U.S. Route 65 along the Mississippi River; Wyoming's U.S. Route 212 that leads to Yellowstone National Park; New Hampshire's U.S. Route 2 from the Maine state border to the Vermont state border; and Pennsylvania's State Route 32 that follows the Delaware River.

To identify the roads, Geotab used traffic count data from the Highway Performance Monitoring System and the Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) score. The telematics vendor examined traffic across U.S. interstates and routes over 10 miles long to identify the quietest route in each state. Nature photographer James "Q" Martin also provided input.

"The Internet of Things is expanding rapidly, and this includes increasing connectivity in the automotive realm," said Mike Branch, Geotab's vice president of business intelligence. "Having a deeper understanding of the infrastructure that helps keep us moving today can only steer us towards safer and more connected communities in the future."

View the routes on an interactive map here.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet