Sensus FlexNet EasyLink has introduced a portable, radio-based device to easily acquire data from electric, gas, and water meters. The system allows field workers to read Sensus SmartPoint modules and encoder receiver transmitter (ERT) radios by simply driving by along their normal route.

One box includes the FlexNet EasyLink Reader, a portable device that reads multiple meters and is compatible with various meter and billing systems; the Workbook application, an on-screen map that allows users to view routes and status via real-time data; and the Workspace application, a comprehensive software program that produces customized management reports and integrates with billing systems.

The product allows utilities to replace failed or aging ERTs with SmartPoints and continue to drive the same routes, using EasyLink to read both types of deivces. The technology also enables utilities to easily migrate to advanced metering structure.

The FlexNet communication network uses a dedicated, FCC-licensed spectrum, ensuring secure and reliable data transmissions. The network supports EasyLink applications so utilities can capture and analyze more data and achieve optimal operational efficiency.