The Direct nosebox line (the Direct Plus, Direct Flex, and Direct Max), developed by Purkeys, allows fleets to have the functionality of both the nosebox and liftgate charging system in one receptacle, freeing up space on the front of the trailer.

The Direct nosebox line provides many benefits to fleets in addition to the compact design, including:

  • maintaining and protecting batteries
  • maximizing battery life and reducing downtime/road calls
  • easy to read LED indicators
  • continuing to charge for a time after the tractor is turned off
  • replaceable/removable receptacle in case of damage
  • interior light timer control

The interior light control is an added feature added to the product line that allows the driver to select whether the lights remain on for 30, 60, or 90 minutes. This can help the driver to work as needed inside the trailer while ensuring that the batteries will not become depleted by the interior lights.