Elliott Equipment Company’s 36142 BoomTruck telescopic truck-mounted crane features the longest boom available in its class, according to the company. It offers a five-section 142-foot main boom and optional 32- to 49-foot two-section jib for a maximum tip height of 201 feet.

The 36142 offers a 36-ton lifting rating at a 5-foot load radius and a 600-pound capacity yoke-style pi-on work platform with hydraulic leveling system.

The model is designed to serve a range of customers in the utility and transmission construction industry who have ongoing needs for long-reach telescopic cranes on road-legal chassis that can be used for both material handling and working at height using a detachable work platform.

Key features include:

  • 34-foot, 9-inch to 142-foot extended five-section telescopic main boom
  • 36-Ton lifting rating at a 5-foot load radius
  • Patented standup ride-around lower control console
  • Optional open seated controls or enclosed crane cab with heater and optional A/C
  • 9,060-pound single line pull winch with 12,800-pound bare drum pull
  • Internally wired anti-two-block cable
  • 21-foot, 2-inch span out-down outriggers with full- and mid-span positions/charts
  • 600-pound-capacity yoke-style pin-on work platform with hydraulic leveling system (boom or jib use)