WABCO, a global supplier of technologies and services that improve the safety, efficiency, and connectivity of commercial vehicles,  introduced Intelligent Brake Interlock, an advanced electronic brake interlock system that improves the safety of tank trailers that haul hazardous materials or are equipped with cryogenic equipment.

WABCO’s Intelligent Brake Interlock uses proprietary technologies to improve the safe operation of tank trailers by ensuring that the vehicle does not move during loading and unloading. The breakthrough system monitors vehicle speed as well as the position switch and locks the foundation brakes electronically. An electronic failsafe provides an additional layer of safety by helping to prevent inadvertent brake activation while the vehicle is in motion.

Now available for specification and retrofit, Intelligent Brake Interlock improves safety and reliability of transportation for pneumatic-braking trailers hauling gasoline, diesel and crude oil, cryogenic and compressed gases such as hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon and natural gas, food grade materials, as well as heated tanks and chemicals.