Superior Signals, Inc. (SSI) has expanded its truck and trailer lighting product line to include stop, tail, turn, and back-up combo lights. These new, innovative improvements combine two functions into one light, providing the ability to safely signal both reverse and either stop or turn patterns with a single light. This results in the need to only have to drill one hole in a vehicle.

The new combo lights were designed to replace the individual reverse, stop, and turn lights on the vehicle. There are two options available, a 4-inch round light that has 12 white LEDs and 13 red LEDs or a 6.5-inch oval light that has 12 white LEDs and 14 red LEDs. When the red part of the light is illuminated it will indicate that the vehicle is stopped, or if blinking that the vehicle is going to make a turn in that direction. When the white LEDs are illuminated it will indicate that the vehicle is in reverse and will be moving backwards.

Each light comes with a rubber grommet and a right angle PL-3 plug. The four inch and six-and-a-half-inch combo lights have a three-year warranty as well as the following certifications: IP67 and SAE/DOT.

For more information on the new combo stop, tail, turn and back-up lights contact your sales rep at (800) 447-3693 or visit us online at and search the following part numbers:

  • SY1425RCK
  • SY1626RCK