Morgan Corporation's NexGen medium- or mid-temp unit slots in between dry van and refrigerated truck bodies, and is geared toward markets that require consistent temperatures from 35- through 75-degrees Fahrenheit.

The units can be either cooled or heated based on the application. The mid-temp body is designed for delivery applications such as florists, bakeries, caterers, wine merchants, produce suppliers, and art/auction houses.

Morgan NexGen bodies are designed to be lighter than current industry truck bodies, but capable of increased payload compared to similarly-sized bodies, according to the company. The light and strong design can result in better fuel economy, increased cargo capacity, and a better resistance to the elements.

The lightweight body is built of non-corrosive materials to inhibit rust. Leak-free sealed joints keep product, cargo, or tools dry with elastomeric gaskets in the connection profiles to provide protection from water intrusion. NexGen bodies also feature a seamless design to easily install graphics that highlight a company’s brand.