Delphi’s DPF300 Master Series is a set of equipment designed to extend diesel particulate filter life in diesel engines.

The DPF300 helps remove soot and ash to restore the function of clogged DPFs, as well as return backpressure to its original specifications. Typical cleaning time is approximately 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the volume of air supply available and the state of the DPF.

Regular DPF cleaning can improve fuel consumption, cut running costs, reduce downtime, increase DPF service life and avoid secondary damage from failed DPFS, according to Delphi.  

The DPF300 Master Series includes four components: the DPF300 Master to clean and empty DPFs, the DPF 310 Master to remove soot and ash, and the DPF320 Master to conduct a flow test, and the DPF330 Master to thermally regenerate DPFs.