Truck-Lite's Road Ready trailer monitoring and communication products are designed to provide trailer telematics.

The Road Ready system can create a smart trailer through the solar-powered Master Control Unit, according to Truck-Lite. The MCU features a military grade solar panel and 10-year, quick-charging battery. It monitors and transmits data from the customizable Road Ready sensors through a user interface, all without requiring power from a tractor.

The Road Ready system offers a variety of wireless, peel-and-stick sensors that communicate with the MCU, relaying data regarding tire pressure; LED light-out detection; antilock brake systems; unauthorized door openings; cargo fill/movement detection; cargo temperature; trailer arrival and departure notifications; and GPS with different MCU reporting capabilities such as geo-fencing, motion sensing, panic or scheduled reporting, and Hypertracking.

Event-based data is reported in real time to a desktop dashboard from a completely untethered control unit. With several available sensor options, the Road Ready system can be customized for any fleet solution, according to Truck-Lite, even those with alternative trailer monitoring and LED lighting platforms in place.