JohnDow Industries recently introduced its new line of Diesel Carrytanks. The tanks are available in 58- and 106-gallon capacities and are designed to transport and transfer diesel fuel wherever it is needed.

The tanks provide the convenience of having a refueling station transportable anywhere and are perfect for the farm, construction, recreation, industrial, fleet, automotive and other markets.  The new Carrytanks are a perfect addition extending the JDI offering of fuel handling products designed for the storing and dispensing of diesel fuel. 

The self-contained tanks come complete with a 12-volt pump, hose, and automatic nozzle. Just hookup to a 12-volt power source and start pumping.  Strap the Carrytank to a vehicle for transport, a trailer or leave it in a convenient location on-site.

The Carrytank features include:

  • Rugged linear polyethylene construction 
  • Available in 58-gallon and 106-gallon capacities 
  • 12-volt transfer pump delivering fuel at 10 gallons per minute 
  • Automatic dispensing nozzle Integrated forklift pockets for moving the tank when full 
  • Molded handles making it easy to lift and carry the tank when empty 
  • Integrated recesses are provided for securing tanks with ratchet straps during transport 
  • Equipped with protective and lockable cover 
  • 106-gallon model includes space for tool storage when DEF tank is not being utilized     

Specifications:                             JDI-AFT58                        JDI-AFT106

      Capacity                                 58 gallons                          106 gallons

      Weight Empty                        56 lbs.                                118 lbs.

      Power Cable                           13 ft.                                   13 ft.

      Delivery Hose                        13 ft.                                   13 ft.

      Fuel Level Indicator               Yes                                     Yes