Redline Detection’s Air Brake NanoLeak Finder is leak detection equipment designed to pinpoint leaks in air brake, air suspension, and air powered accessory systems.

The Air Brake NanoLeak Finder allows technicians to test for air brake leaks and find the location in a matter of minutes, according to Redline. The machine creates a signature vapor that, along with the hand-held NanoLeak Locator, pinpoints the location of air brake leaks with clear audible and visual signals.

The equipment can hasten the process of finding and addressing leaks and avoid using conventional methods that can be messy or ineffective, according to Redline. With a one-minute test cycle, the NanoLeak Finder will flash a green or red, pass or fail light, to make the testing process simple.

The compact design features durable equipment with necessary accessories to work out of the box. The device weighs 8.6 pounds and runs on compressed air and 12-volt DC power, putting out a test pressure of up to 135 p.s.i.