Blue Ink Technology's electronic logging device features a smart device app and device that plugs into a truck’s diagnostic port to help drivers track and report hours of service.

The BIT ELD app is designed to work with a  driver’s smartphone or tablet and connects to a device in the diagnostic port. The BIT ELD is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to be compliant with the upcoming ELD mandate.

The BIT ELD app collects and stores hours of service logs and gives fleets the ability to view, edit and certify them. The app displays how many hours are left in a work cycle before a required break, and logs can be shared through email.

The information is stored in an online portal where drivers can access their logs from multiple carriers if needed, perform daily vehicle inspections, and track work hours. Fleet managers and dispatchers can view logs for all drivers, check route histories, and receive notifications of driving violations.

The BIT ELD can be installed with no tools by plugging it into the vehicle’s 6-pin or 9-pin diagnostic port. The device collects vehicle data and transmits it wirelessly to your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet.