WEX offers a suite of telematics solutions assembled to meet the needs of today’s federal regulations. Only a telematics solution from WEX can seamlessly integrate fuel purchase data with an electronic logging device (ELD) GPS system, allowing customers to save money while ensuring compliance.

WEX telematics gives fleet managers access to real-time information about the underlying trends impacting their fleet operations. This information can be customized so managers are able to monitor whatever is most important to them and their business. Through the use of applications such as Fuel Guard, managers are able to greatly reduce their fuel costs that can significantly impact their bottom line.

ELDs can also help streamline driver dispatch, cut operational costs, and boost day-to-day productivity at all levels of the organization. Managers are alerted of hours-of-service (HOS) violations as they occur, so they can take action to prevent massive fines. An ELD solution from WEX will greatly reduce HOS logging mistakes by taking an automated approach with a proven implementation process that is simple and straightforward.