National Crane's 55-ton NTC55 is a truck crane that can maneuver into tight working quarters with the added features of a boom truck for increased efficiency and versatility. The crane features the compact outrigger configuration of a truck crane, but can further extend its outriggers to facilitate the greater reach and capacity of a boom truck.

The NTC55 can operate from one of four outrigger positions, making the crane useful in urban environments where shutting down lanes of traffic is not always an option. The unique x shape of the outriggers' footprint eliminates the need for a single front outrigger, saving setup time on cramped jobsites. The standard polymeric outrigger pads reduce weight by 30% and offer an added theft deterrent while on the jobsite.

The standard hydraulically self-removable counterweight system consists of one 3,000-pound counterweight slab and two smaller 1,250-pound counterweights, giving the crane greater flexibility when roading. If axle weights in a given area are particularly stringent, or an end user can't road the crane at full weight, counterweight can be hydraulically removed or stowed on the vehicle itself for transport.

Two jib options are available: a 26-foot fixed-length, offsettable jib and a two-section, manually telescopic offsettable jib that can be adjusted from 26 feet to 45 feet. The crane features a 20-degree hydraulically tilting operator’s cab, allowing for greater comfort, convenience and load visibility. It also offers an 80-degree maximum boom angle. The added comfort of a premium, highly customizable, four-axle commercial truck chassis comes standard.

Additional features include a fully integrated rated capacity limiter (RCL) and control system, adjustable joystick speeds, onboard diagnostics, and real-time truck status updates that include regen notification and service capabilities. Several utility-enhancing options and custom lift solutions are available, such as an auxillary hoist, a wireless radio remote control, a wireless anti-two-block system, and/or a wind speed indicator.