RAM Mounts announced the upcoming availability of IntelliSkin for the HP Elite x3 mobile device. This, along with new GDS docks from RAM Mounts, ushers in the latest version of the new standard for docking, charging and protecting mobile devices.

RAM Mounts also announced the newest vehicle and desktop docks with support for USB Type-C enabled devices such as the powerful Elite x3 will be available soon. The new GDS docks enable up to 480 mbps of data transfer speed and multiple charging profiles. The docks also support high-definition video streaming through the docking system using technologies such as Microsoft Continuum. USB Type-C support means that GDS works with any mobile device platform including iOS, Android and now Windows Mobile.

IntelliSkin is a protective device case which features an integrated connector molded directly into the case. This prevents damage to the device’s charging port from repetitious docking. On the exterior of the case are standardized, rugged docking contacts designed for repetitive docking. These contacts make docking and charging extremely simple and robust, enabling the device to be charged and connected using any GDS docking station.

IntelliSkin is designed to work with GDS Technology. GDS sets a new standard by creating a uniform platform for connecting a variety of portable devices with power and data regardless of make and model. Plus, it offers docking stations with scalability as smartphone and tablet manufacturers introduce next-generation devices.

To explore the RAM Mount modular mounting system and the IntelliSkin and GDS ecosystem, visit the RAM Mounts website here.