Vanair Manufacturing has introduced a piece of equipment that can start any vehicle within seconds. Equipped with the Vanair Super Capacitor (VSC) with with 3,000 amps of instantaneous power and a 240 amp alternator, the patented Fast Start Technology (FST) is powerful enough to start and charge both 12V and 24V batteries on any type of vehicle – from cars, buses, and trucks to large, heavy-duty machinery. The VSC is the fastest recharging capacitor available, according to Vanair, allowing it to quickly start another vehicle within seconds.

The FST3000 is encased in a heavy-duty, weather-protected enclosure, the unit stays safe from the elements at all times. The conveniently mounted controls on the outside of the unit make operation a breeze with the simple flip of a switch. Also included is 30 feet of 3/0 polar-grade boost cable, ensuring that regardless of how cold the weather is outside, you’ll always have the starting power you need – when you need it.

“Businesses and fleets of all types will benefit from the new FST3000. If you’ve ever had a dead battery when there’s work to be done, you know the inconvenience and loss of money that can occur until the vehicle is up and running again. You’ll never have to wait more than a couple of seconds before your vehicle has been started and back on the job, putting money in your pocket.” Ralph Kokot, CEO

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