The Caruma Cam Pro is a video-based safety system designed to sense and alert drivers to dangers or distractions to help avoid accidents.

It uses two cameras to provide video from inside the vehicle and the vehicle’s environment, detecting and recording events such as texting while driving, drowsiness, obstructions in the vehicle’s path, lane departure, and unsafe following distance.

Defined events will trigger the system to provide real-time feedback to drivers. The video and data are then sent to Caruma’s cloud where it's analyzed and processed into visual data and statistical information. The information provides fleet managers with a more complete, context-rich picture that can help improve driver behavior and safety.

Caruma Cam Pro combines computer vision, artificial intelligence, and sensor fusion into an open, connected car platform to provide Advanced Driver Assistance System and Driver Monitoring System capabilities. Through a partnership with inthinc Technology Solutions, the video analytics are integrated inthinc’s telematics solution to bring the features to a wide range of commercial vehicle applications.