The Transportation Division of Overhead Door Corporation's WeatherTite Pro is a lightweight, weather-resistant roll-up door for trailers and truck bodies.

The WeatherTite Pro improves upon the previous model by using recyclable co-polymer panels that reduce weight and improve heat tolerance. Compared to wood roll-up doors, the WeatherTite Pro eliminates swelling, warping, finish de-lamination and rotting.

The WeatherTite Pro panel weighs 25% less than the standard WeatherTite panel and is 37% lighter than ¾-inch wood and ¼’inch plate-style panels. The lighter door weight increases payload potential and allows the option of installing a long-life counterbalance spring that can reduce downtime and maintenance.

Results of ASTM D648 Heat Deflection Testing at 66 psi conducted by TODCO shows WeatherTite Pro has a 23% higher heat tolerance than standard WeatherTite panels, reducing the opportunity for warping in hotter climates.

Additional features of WeatherTite Pro include:

  • Improved impact resistance
  • Smooth panel surface – Allows for an automotive quality paint finish and excellent decal adhesion
  • Automotive grade UV stability and finish color
  • Anti-pinch panel joint that eliminates the pinch point at the panel joint to improve safety and reduce injuries and workmen’s compensation costs
  • Anti-drip design that prevents water from the exterior of the door from dripping between panels onto cargo when in operation and moving through the radius
  • Interchangeable with current WeatherTite panels
  • Available with 1- or 2-inch track and rollers
  • 10-year limited warranty             

The list of available options includes 1- and 2-inch SupeRollers that have been tested to last up five times longer than standard steel rollers and EZ Seals, dual durometer side seals that reduce seal installation time by 50% compared to rubber seals.