Rand McNally today introduced a sleek, new electronic logging and fleet management device with cellular connectivity.

The new device, the DC 200, is designed to meet the budgets and compliance requirements of small- and medium-sized fleets looking to leverage existing Android devices. Available later this year, the DC 200 is part of Rand McNally’s DriverConnect ecosystem.

The DC 200 continues Rand McNally’s tradition of providing transportation technology that is quick and simple to install, and intuitive to use. The device features a single Y-cable, which plugs into a truck’s J-Bus port. Once paired with an Android device, the DC 200 enables drivers to view logs, driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR), and more through the Rand McNally DriverConnect app.

Additionally, fleets and drivers can access information via the Rand McNally DriverConnect Web portal.

The DC 200 is a low-profile, 5-inch long device that sits on the dash and plugs into a truck’s diagnostic port. The device works with both 6- and 9-pin, type 1 and type 2 ports. Through a Bluetooth and proprietary Wi-Fi connection, the device sends driving data to the complimentary Rand McNally DriverConnect app, where drivers may view current Hours of Service (HOS) logs as well as DVIR documents. The DC 200 also sends data back and forth to/from the DriverConnect portal via a proprietary dedicated cell modem. The device is self-reliant and does not use data from the hosting Android device.

Besides HOS, the DC 200 also provides fleet management tools such as IFTA fuel-tax reporting, messaging between drivers and fleet managers, and forms-based messaging in workflow management. Canadian Hours of Service rules also are supported.

The cloud-based DriverConnect system was built with a scalable infrastructure, allowing for integration with other Transportation Management Systems.

Just as with the driver-focused ELD 50, the DriverConnect app also provides access to 10 helpful engine-driven gauges. Powered by information collected by the device, the gauges include: average fuel economy, coolant temperature, and boost pressure.

Since the Android app is free, drivers can “test drive” the product by downloading the application and inputting their status manually. Those reports can be turned into PDFs and exported. The Rand McNally DriverConnect app is available on Google Play as well as the Rand McNally marketplace, available on Rand McNally Android tablets.

With a monthly subscription, drivers and fleet managers may access the Rand McNally DriverConnect web portal, where up to six months of HOS logs and DVIRs are stored. Using the web portal, drivers and fleet managers also may view vehicle locations on a map and administer functions such as adding drivers to a device and messaging with drivers.

The app automatically syncs with the web portal via Wi-Fi or cellular transmission, providing the most up-to-date reports.

The DC 200, priced at $399.99, will be available later this year. Subscriptions run $24.99 and $29.99 per month, depending on features.

For more information, please visit randmcnally.com/DC200.