The Minimizer Truck Seat System is designed with the driver’s health and safety in mind. Leveraging decades of research in seats and suspensions, Minimizer has incorporated ergonomics, safety, and whole body health into one “system” that provides all of the desired features requested by professional drivers, and more!

The Minimizer™ Truck Seat System meets the physical and functional demands that are inherent to operating big trucks.In addition, the seat's feature Minimizer's Lifetime Warranty. 

Installing the Minimizer Truck Seat System is easy using one of the company's six seat risers. The majority of trucks will use the Universal Seat Riser, but some makes and models will require a special riser plate to ensure a proper installation, according to the manufacturer.

Check out a video describing the seat features below: 

Seat are available in cloth and leather options with heating and cooling features available. Part numbers are below:

Cloth Seats

101358 – Premium Cloth Base
101359 – Premium Cloth with Heat and Cool
101360 – Premium Cloth with Heat and Massage

Leather Seats

101361 – Ultra Leather Base
101362 – Ultra Leather Heat and Cool
101363 – Ultra Leather with Heat and Massage