Altec’s new radio remote now displays the same critical information that operators have come to rely on with the Altec Load Moment and Area Protection System (LMAP).

The same layout of information from the LMAP will now be visible on the portable remote which can be used when running the machine from the ground or from an elevated position. The information displayed on the new remote increases the situational awareness of operators, improving overall job site safety, productivity, and operator convenience.

Features include: 

  • The large and easy-to-read full-color display shows unit configuration, outrigger position, load capacity, slew angle and jib and platform installation, to name a few. These critical parameters inform the operator of the unit’s configuration which enables the safe and productive use of the machine.
  • Easy to access, ergonomic controls provide smooth and confident operation. The user defined settings such as engine speed, function speed, and the emergency stop, are positioned to allow seamless operation when transitioning from the lower controls to the remote.
  • The new system has dual batteries allowing the operator to ‘hot-swap’ batteries from the bottom of the remote without losing power. Low battery level lights on the top of the display will warn the operator when each battery is getting low, and again when it’s time to change them. A convenient battery charging station located inside the chassis cab eliminates remote down time.
  • Additional provisions such as hard-wired functionality will be available for those wanting the added benefits of direct communication and onboard charging of batteries. Customers can also choose their preferred unit function control layout.
  • LMAP system warnings are also displayed to alert the operator of needed service. Optional equipment warnings, such as wind speed, can also be displayed.

The new radio remote is currently available on all Altec Boom Truck Cranes. To learn more about Altec Cranes and equipment, call (866) 966-2969.