The Curt Manufacturing Q25 is a fifth wheel hitch designed to tow large trailers in full-sized pickup trucks from several manufacturers.

The Q25 offers a gross trailer weight capacity of 25,000 pounds and a vertical load limit of 6,250 pounds. It features a three-position coupling indicator on the front side showing the coupling status of the trailer to the vehicle. The indicator is visible from the truck cab and will indicate when the trailer is uncoupled, coupled and ready to tow.

The fifth wheel hitch is coated in a black carbide powder coat finish to protect it against rust and wear. It also comes with a wide, self-aligning head for easier coupling, a short-throw handle and a variety of mounting options to accommodate specific pickup trucks.

The Q25 attaches to any industry-standard fifth wheel rails using fifth wheel legs or a fifth wheel roller. It can also be mounted on any of our OEM-compatible fifth wheel leg kits or roller adapters for Ford, General Motors or Ram trucks with the towing prep package.