Rugby Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of truck hoists, unveils the SR-4016 subframe scissor hoist for trucks. This innovative new hoist is up to 20% lighter than comparable hoists, providing greater fuel efficiency and payload capacity, according to the manufacturer. It is available for a wide variety of work trucks with body lengths from 8- to 14-feet.

The new SR-4016 model was designed as an alternative to two popular Rugby subframe scissor hoists, the Rugby HR520 and the HR540. Dealers can now stock one hoist instead of two, reducing inventory requirements. The SR-4016 also delivers a greater lifting capacity than the HR520 and can be installed 10 to 15% faster.

As with all Rugby hoists, each SR-4016 subframe scissor hoist is lifecycle tested at full-rated capacity (7.7- to 17-ton range). It is available with a single or double-acting electric pump or a direct-mount gear pump. Each SR-4016 comes standard with a new integrated body prop.

For more information about the new SR-4016 subframe scissor hoist, contact your local Rugby distributor, visit or call (701) 776-5722.