The Dur-A-Lift Series 2 DPM Class 5 bucket truck has features that allow you to work more efficiently when out in the field, allowing operators to reach higher and work from more angles with a top-mounted jib and winch. These are two new features from Dur-A-Lift. Full highlights include:

  • Reach of up to 59 feet, as well as a side reach of 31 feet, 6 inches.
  • Top-mounted jib and winch means being able to lift up to 1,000 lbs from either side of the basket, as well as the ability to rotate the jib on either side of the rotating basket. This is combined with a 180-degree rotating basket.
  • Basket elevatory is hydraulically activated, allowing the operator to raise the basket 22-inches without repositioning the boom or the jib.
  • Ground-level access to the basket means no climbing in and out of the truck for access.
  • Compartments on the truck can be accessed from the basket.