This winter, BOSS Snowplow is restoring order to the expandable plow category with the company’s first offering in this category — the BOSS EXT.

The EXT quickly adapts to all plowing needs, expanding from 8 to 10 feet and back, all by the touch of a controller. That width combined with angled, forward-pitched wings means larger amounts of snow can be moved faster. BOSS engineers have spent years designing and perfecting the EXT to be both tough and versatile, to ensure the plow could do it all.

“The EXT is another versatile tool for the professional snow removal contractor,” said Mark Klossner, marketing vice president for BOSS Snowplow. “BOSS’ EXT redefines the ‘parking lot plow’ because it carries more snow with every pass and, as a result, it increases productivity especially when plowing wide open spaces like parking lots.”

Forward-pitched wings provide enhanced windrowing capabilities, allowing the EXT to take wider passes, carrying and moving more snow more efficiently. Like all members of the BOSS product family, the EXT features a chainless lift system and a fully enclosed, high-performance hydraulics system, making the EXT’s performance fast, reliable and extremely responsive.

Advantages include:

  • A Taller Plow — Standing at 30 inches high and equipped with nine vertical ribs, the EXT moves a higher volume of snow with more resilience.
  • A Wider Plow — The EXT extends from an 8-foot width for more precision and easy road transport to a 10-foot width for optimal productivity. Unlike some competitive expandable plows whose scooping wings are in place at a maximum of nearly 9 feet, the BOSS EXT forward-pitched scooping wings remain in place while the plow is fully expanded to 10 feet, giving the maximum snow-carrying capacity on every pass.
  • Technologically Advanced Plow — The EXT will utilize the current BOSS RT3 undercarriage and BOSS SmartHitch2 attachment system providing snowplow operators with the flexibility to swap between snowplows in their BOSS fleet. The EXT also features a fully enclosed high performance hydraulics system and a chainless lift system for less bounce, wear and tear. 
  • SL3 Lighting System — The EXT also comes with BOSS’ revolutionary SL3 Lighting System with Ice Shield Technology, the first headlight system specifically designed for the rigors of snowplowing.
  • Visit the BOSS Snowplow product page for an overview of product features and benefits for the new EXT plow.