VMAC's RAPTAIRG30 gasoline drive air compressor marks the first time a gas-engine driven, rotary screw air compressor has competed in the smaller CFM gas drive market, according to the company.

At 30 CFM at 100 psi, the RAPTAIRG30 provides enough power to get most day-to-day jobs done quickly. The rotary screw compressor is rated for 100% duty cycle, meaning it never stops producing the air that’s required.

The compressor only takes up 20.3 inches by 33.5 inches on a vehicle. With a weight of 205 pounds, it can be mounted with four bolts on the top of the side pack of a service body.

VMAC’s RAPTAIRG30 compressor is backed by VMAC’s lifetime warranty.

VMAC introduced the compressor at the Work Truck Show.