Morgan Corporation, a manufacturer of the toughest truck bodies in the industry for more than 60 years, is also a leading producer of innovative and reliable reefer bodies for the Dairy and Provisions industries. In fact, Morgan designs and builds every truck body to go beyond accepted standards to provide added protection.

Morgan bodies deliver design features that provide better protection.  Additional features and benefits include: External skins that fit into the bottom rail to keep moisture out of the cargo area; thermal breaks to help to mitigate heat transfer; and easy-to-clean interior walls and flooring to maintain a healthy environment.

Morgan’s Cold Plate offers cost-effective and reliable temperature control. Morgan worked with system manufacturer Dole Refrigeration to provide an “extra” layer of reliability and dependability.

A successful delivery run is also supported by features that make it easier and more efficient to do the job.  Sliding/swing rear door configurations require a fraction of the swing radius of traditional doors and make loading and unloading easier, especially in tight spaces.

A variety of floor surface configurations, from flooring that helps to move moisture away to surfaces that provide added traction, all support a safer environment.

The Cold Plate compressor can be mounted under the body or over the cab, as with standard refrigeration units, but with an added level of convenience made possible by your choice of roof or cab-mounted service platforms and folding step-ups and grab handles for easier access to cab mounted units.

Cold Plate is powered electrically, as compared to engine-driven refrigeration units, which saves fuel on every loaded run.