Simple to use and highly accurate, the B300S and B500 series of balancers from John Bean offer an ideal solution for high-volume shops that are looking for shorter balancing cycles.

The John Bean B300S Digital Wheel Balancer is belt-driven, ensuring that the 200 rpm rotational speed is always kept constant during measurement. Other features, such as the easy data entry, Smart Sonar, and ergonomic display integrated into the weight tray, with bright LEDs, and weight position indicators, all help reduce the overall balancing time.

Designed to satisfy high volume customers, the John Bean B500L and B500S Digital Wheel Balancers have the same advanced features of the B300S coupled with a raised digital display. The John Bean B500S includes the Smart Sonar and quick clamp elements, while the John Bean B500L has the easyWeight feature that uses a laser to pinpoint the position of the adhesive weights on the wheel.