Hackney’s Touch and Bolt Remote Locking Systems incorporate a key fob that allows wireless locking capabilities for beverage body and trailer roll-up doors.

The RLS Touch eliminates body locking handles and gives the operator control to lock both driver and curbside doors with a push of the button. When the key fob lock is pressed, the truck horn, headlights, and taillights activate one time in order to indicate that all body doors are down and locks are initiated.

The system warns the operator with a series of horn and light signals if the lock is pressed while either side door is open and can't be locked.

The RLS Bolt is designed for side-load bodies and trailers. The bolt aftermarket version incorporates the same wireless key fob and signal indicators but works in conjunction with the current body-locking handles.

When the key fob lock is pressed, the roll-up door locking cylinders are activated to confirm that the doors are locked. The system removes the need for the body lock key and provides a deadbolt for added protection in the event that a thief breaks off the locking handle.

Through Hackney’s refurbishment services, the bolt can be upfitted to most Hackney or competitor side-load units.