The Timken Company's line of commercial vehicle wheel end components is designed to complement the company’s vehicle seals and includes tapered roller bearings, seals, nuts, hub caps, hubodometers and accessory tools.

Timken tapered roller bearings are designed for easier rolling, faster installation and longer life. Timken seals are made with advanced internal geometries to help keep lubrication in and debris out. Timken also offers seal installation tools.

The Timken Axilock nut is designed for more accurate end-play setting compared to typical three-piece nuts. The nut also is also designed for easier installation.

Made with a durable construction and a secure fit, Timken hub caps provide a better defense against weather and protect the wheel end components from damage. Timken’s hubodometers are designed and built for the long haul and provide accurate information for alerting vehicle operators that it is time for service.

Another wheel end component is Timken’s Hot Dots which provide an at-a-glance indication of overheated wheel ends, serving as a visual cue for technicians and drivers. Timken also offers dial indicators to help take precise measurements to set the correct clearance when installing wheel end bearings.