Stellar Industries' redesigned Slider50 Hooklift is designed to be faster and lighter than the previous model.

The Slider50 Hooklift is a hydraulic system mounted to a truck chassis and is capable of interchanging various bodies. It has a capacity of 50,000 pounds. The hooklift system also has a dump mode with a maximum dump angle of 51 degrees on a 45-inch high truck frame.

The latest version’s weight was reduced by 1,000 pounds which gives users an additional 950 pounds of available payload. The Slider50 also features a new regenerative valve technology to reduce cycle time by 20% compared to the previous model.

The Slider50 features a heavy-duty hexagonal jib design, new wear pads and wear pad retainers for a sleeker design that maintains durability. It also has in-cab controls and slide-through rear latches for stability and secure attachment of the body.

It has permanently lubricated greasable bushings, zinc-plated pins and a low-flow, high-pressure hydraulic system.

The Slider50 works with body lengths ranging from 16 feet to 22 feet and with special bumper configurations, bodies up to 24 feet in length can be interchanged.