The Kit Masters two-speed GoldTop fan clutch is designed to reduce clutch engagements while still providing enough engine cooling.

When the fan clutch is disengaged the two-speed GoldTop continues to rotate with almost no horsepower draw from the engine. During this partial engagement, the fan still rotates at between 15 and 25 percent of engine RPM to provide continuous cooling. This reduces the amount of time a full fan clutch engagement is required.

The clutch works with vocational applications where normal fan clutch engagement time can exceed 10 percent of the engine's run time. This design has several benefits including horsepower savings, improved fuel economy, longer fan-clutch life, lower under-the-hood temperatures and less noise.  

A two-speed GoldTop kit comes with all the components needed for installation. When combined with an interchangeable fan-pilot system, it can also be configured to handle both 2.56-inch and 5-inch fan pilots.