The Solar Flex solar panels from Go Power! are thin, flexible, and efficient and designed to provide AC power for applications such as computers, power tools, lighting, lift gates, and a variety of truck-mounted equipment.

The Solar Flex panels are 3-mm thick and are constructed using a marine-grade laminate that can be affixed with fasteners through engineered eyelets or by adhesive to metal, rubber, fiberglass and plastic. They can be attached to surfaces that require as much as a 30 degree parabolic bend or on horizontal body surfaces.

The panels are part of a comprehensive solar generation system that includes Solar Flex panels, a solar controller that prevents battery overcharging, a complete wire harness system, an NRGLife absorbed glass mat, a deep-cycle battery tank, a Go Power! pure sine or modified sine inverter, and heavy-duty AC power outlets that can be strategically located throughout a truck body or in aerial equipment.

The Go Power! solar power generating system can keep up to four auxiliary batteries charged and equipment ready to deploy even when a vehicle has been inactive for long periods. Go Power! solar arrays can be configured to generate battery charging capacity of 1.5 amps per hour to more than 100 amps per hour.

Solar Flex panels come in 25-, 50-, 100- and 200-watt power kits as well as a new 25-watt option designed to be small enough to mount on the lower section of a boom arm so it can trickle-charge dedicated batteries. All panels can be paired with a wide range of Go Power! inverters for a complete system.