BorgWarner's DuroSpeed two-speed fan drive is designed to deliver better cooling for severe operating and vocational truck applications such as construction vehicles and municipal trucks.

The DuroSpeed fan drive reduces fan engagements to improve reliability and reduce noise in severe service applications as opposed to on/off models which are designed for over-the-road use.

Dump trucks, refuse haulers and other vocational applications experience severe service operating conditions and have different cooling needs than line-haul trucks. BorgWarner’s testing showed that the DuroSpeed fan drive’s design can cause engine and transmission components such as a clutch, to run cooler.

Cooler internal operating temperatures can increase bearing and liner durability, which can increase service life. BorgWarner’s two-speed fan drive has a higher speed at which the fan disengages to prevent engine temperatures from rising too quickly. This causes the fan drive to engage and disengage less often to improve clutch life, decrease noise, minimize dust buildup in the radiator, and allow more available horsepower.

The DuroSpeed has 11 fewer components than comparable units and weighs 5 to 10 pounds less. It has no spinning air connections to wear, inspect or service and is designed to operate at lower temperatures for longer bearing and liner life.