DynoMax Performance Exhaust will release several new high-strength Torca coupler clamps on January 1 that remove the need for pipe flares, slip joints, or slotting, providing custom exhaust builders a serviceable joint and increased durability at the connection point of exhaust pipes.

The new DynoMax coupler clamps are available in a variety of sizes – allowing for installation on a variety of custom, performance exhaust systems – including 2.25-, 2.5-, 2.75-, 3- and 3.5-inch diameter sizes. The new coupler clamps allow for piping to be connected without a pipe overlap. The chrome-free, 409-stainless steel clamps help to minimize movement of pipes and easily fasten through a 15mm fastener drive. The clamps eliminate the need for additional sizing and/or slotting of the exhaust pipes.

The new clamps were added to the brand’s popular custom exhaust builder product series – the Builders Bundle Series – ideal for enthusiasts building a custom performance exhaust system for any type of amateur or professional circle track or off-road racing vehicle.

This product series offers all of the necessary parts required to fabricate a complete custom exhaust, including all of DynoMax’s performance mufflers, straight piping, J-bends, U-bends, universal flex pipes with and without bushings, header reducers, bolt-on header extensions, Y-pipes, elbows, turndowns and other specialty components. DynoMax engineers also provide highly technical measurement and construction data for the product in this series.