Prestone Products Corp. announced it has heavy-duty test kits, test strips and a refractometer for antifreeze/coolant analysis.

A coolant analysis program offers snapshots of what is happening inside heavy duty equipment, while also providing the condition of fluid, engine wear, corrosion and contamination levels, the company said.

The Prestone Command testing kit safely extends drain intervals and catches problems before they become major failures, the company said. The kit contents allow for easy collection of samples for analysis by Prestone’s laboratory. The lab provides a report on the level of molybdate, nitrite, chloride, sulfates, corrosion products (iron, lead, etc.), and silicates. Coolant will also be tested for freezing/boiling points, total dissolved solids (TDS), pH, hardness, and coolant buffering capabilities.

Test strips help maintain the proper levels of supplemental coolant additives for all applications. Used with color-coded charts, instructions and easy-to-read results, they remove any guesswork out of cooling system analysis, Prestone said. Strips are available for water quality (hardness, pH and chlorides), silicates and nitrates, and freeze point.

The Command refractometer for diesel exhaust fluid and ethylene glycol- based antifreeze coolants determines component concentration. Instructions and storage case are included.



Originally posted on Trucking Info

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