The Roll-X XT starts out with a new Heavy Duty version of the Roll-X tonneau cover design. New, heavy-duty mechanical locking rails are 2 ½ times larger than the standard Roll-X, which provide a more secure lock along the entire length of the bed, according to the manufacturer.

Larger locking blocks on the Roll-X XT top also help for a tight cover with simple installation. Easy clamp-on installation provides an OE fit without modifying the truck and takes less time to install.

The bed is secured by locking the tailgate lock, found as standard equipment on all new full-size trucks, or one available from an aftermarket provider. 

The Roll-X XT offers an easy and convenient roll-up design that rolls up on top of the rails so you do not loose any space in the bed. The Roll-X XT rolls into a compact coil that straps open at the cab to provide the visibility you’re looking for through your back window. Roll-X XT with it’s OE marine grade vinyl surface will be one of the most water tight covers you can use on your truck. The simple roll-up design does not require follow up adjustments like other retractable designs frequently do.