Go Power! by Carmanah Technologies has outfitted more than 1,500 service vehicles with power inverters for a major Utility’s fleet.

The customized pure sine wave inverter solution will be integrated into the battery system of each truck; it will provide an eco-friendly, cost-savings solution for the American Utility company. This deal illustrates the growing shift in attitudes towards engine idling as more fleet professionals look for alternative products to reduce their carbon footprint.

A work truck utilizing power tools may resort to a PTO generator, powered by the running engine, or an external gas or diesel mobile generator. A Go Power! inverter optimizes the power drawn from the battery without ever requiring the engine to be turned on. Besides avoiding engine idling, these Go Power! inverters are more compact, lighter and more economically-priced than many of their counterparts. An added benefit to installing a commercial-grade pure sine wave inverter is that it will produce an exact replica of AC power – this is especially important for sensitive electronics such as laptops, charging bases for power tools and utility test equipment.

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