Walter has launched a new application for iPhones. The Walter Safety App has been designed to provide metalworkers around the world with easy access to essential safety information when working on factory floors, job sites, etc. With Walter's continuous focus on safety in the workplace, this application is an extension of the Mechanical Safety Seminars offered by Walter sales teams in all markets, according to the company.

The Walter Application highlights include:
• Abrasives speed chart: provides MAX RPM info for all Walter abrasive discs, based on their diameters.
• Grinding angles: provides minimum and maximum grinding angles according to type of grinder and choice of abrasive.
• Drill Bits speed chart: provides optimal drilling RPM according to drill bit diameter and type of material to be drilled.
• Annular Core Cutter speed chart: establishes the recommended RPM based on the cutter diameter and the type of material to be cut.
• Unit converter: converts hundreds of unit measurements - length, area, volume, speed, mass, and temperature.
• Flashlight: converts an iPhone into a flashlight.
• Level: determines the angle of any surface.

There are two ways to download the Walter Safety App on your iPhone. Either go to the “App Store,” press the “Search” icon and type “Walter Safety” in the search box or
on a desktop computer save the app in iTunes, then synchronize iTunes with the iPhone

The Walter App is compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5; iPod touch 3rd , 4th, 5th generation; the iPad. The App requires, iOS 5.0 or later.