Rislone Gasoline Fuel System Treatment (p/n 4700) and Rislone Diesel Fuel System Treatment (p/n 4740) each combine six different fuel additives and treatments in a single dual-cavity bottle.

One 16.9 oz. bottle of Rislone Gasoline Fuel System Treatment contains the same amount of additives as a full bottle of each of the following:
• Valve and combustion chamber cleaner.
• Phase separation and fuel stabilizer.
• UCL upper cylinder lubricant.
• Fuel pump and injector cleaner.
• Water remover gas dryer.
• Octane booster and gas treatment.

Rislone Diesel Fuel System Treatment is specifically designed for light to medium-duty trucks and diesel cars. It includes the equivalent amount of additives as full bottles of:
• ULSD sulfur substitute lubricity additive.
• Injector and complete fuel system cleaner.
• UCL pump and injector lubricant.
• Anti-gel cold flow improver.
• Fuel stabilizer and water remover.
• Cetane booster and diesel treatment.

Each product is packaged in a dual-cavity bottle with a patent-pending disposable spout attached to the neck under the cap. The vehicle owner simply tears the spout away from the perforated tab, and then screws it onto the top of the bottle. The spout makes it possible to neatly pour the bottle’s contents into any vehicle, including the approximately 15 million with capless or obstructed fuel tanks. After installation, simply throw away the bottle and spout for a completely no-mess solution.

The Rislone Diesel Fuel System Treatment’s distinctive green spout has been designed to fit only diesel fuel systems, to prevent the product from being accidentally installed in a gasoline system. At the same time, it is compatible with aftermarket and factory mis-fueling prevention devices like the Ford Easy Fuel. Mis-fueling diesel engines with gasoline is a growing, and costly, problem in Europe and is expected to become more of an issue in North America as the number of diesel cars on the roads increases. In response, several companies have developed devices that prevent the installation of gasoline in diesel-powered vehicles. The spout provided with Rislone Diesel Fuel System Treatment will allow the product to be installed in vehicles with these systems.

Rislone Gasoline Fuel System Treatment is compatible with all unleaded, oxygenated, E-85 and ethanol containing gasoline. It works with all fuel-injected, direct-injected and carbureted engines. Rislone Diesel Fuel System Treatment can be used with all ULSD diesel, regular diesel and bio-diesel fuel. It works with all direct-injected, IDI, intercooled and turbocharged engines.

Rislone Gasoline and Diesel Fuel System Treatments will be available first quarter 2013. Each product is available to distribution in case packs of four 16.9 oz. bottles. Like all Rislone products, Gasoline Fuel System Treatment and Diesel Fuel System Treatment are made in the U.S.A.