BEDSLIDE is a way to load and unload fleet trucks, turning the truck bed into a sliding drawer. BEDSLIDE is about efficiency — minimum time and energy for maximum results, according to the company.

If you’re the manager of a commercial fleet, you know just how important the fleet's vehicles are to the company. Making them as well-organized and efficient as possible just makes good sense. Being able to easily access tools and equipment saves employees time and energy, while avoiding injury.

There is a BEDSLIDE model to fit almost any truck, van, or SUV to make loading, transporting, and accessing freight and supplies simple and safe. Each BEDSLIDE can be adapted with custom boxes, racks, or dividers. Plus, the company's riv-nut mounting system makes installation and removal a cinch, according to the company. Manufactured in the U.S., BEDSLIDE has built its reputation on precision craftsmanship, dependability, and durability.