SprayOff Anti-Spray Poly Guard, the latest spray suppression innovation from Betts Spring Company is lightweight, strong, and incorporates a unique channel design which controls road spray.  Its use on commercial vehicles enhances fleet safety and reduces costs through weight reduction and diminished damage from corrosion.

Corrosion is a primary contributor to life-cycle costs for many trucking fleets.  Corrosion related damage can be reduced if less anti-icing chemicals come in contact with vehicle surfaces or enter the vehicle systems - a key element of SprayOff's value proposition. By redirecting road spray down and away from the vehicle in a controlled manner, SprayOff diminishes a root cause of corrosion.  Additionally, control of road spray increases both the vehicle operator and other drivers' visibility, improving safety by reducing the chance of accidents. 

SprayOff Anti-Spray Poly Guards weigh substantially less than most typical poly quarter fenders, yet are extremely durable. This unique combination of weight management and strength is the result of proprietary design principles applied during product development.  SprayOffTM accepts multiple top flaps, is assembled in standard or low mount configurations which can be field modified and are unhanded, accommodating easy change from left to right. SprayOff is now available through Betts and Life-Time Fenders distribution channels.