Prolong Super Lubricants' Super Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer is available to help solve lubrication-related problems such as engine noise, oil leaks and oil burning.

The Super Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer works by slowing down exhaust blow-by and reducing exhaust smoke emissions by creating a seal around the piston rings to restore compression.  Reducing friction and heat allows this product to provide cooler running engines and maintain its viscosity in hot and cold weather.

Prolong's products include the company's AFMT(Anti-Friction Metal Treatment) advanced technology that treats and modifies the surface of metal to reduce metal wear, heat and friction.  Prolong's Super Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer will not void engine warranties and helps prevent sludge and varnish deposits; it's effective with gas and diesel engines and is compatible with petroleum or synthetic oils.  The product is offered in quart and gallon size bottles as well as industrial and commercial sizes.

"We combined necessary additives to our AFMT technology to form a non-corrosive antioxidant formula, which keeps the oil cleaner longer and makes the Super Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer effective against common engine problems," says Jeff Victer, Director of Sales - Global, Prolong.