The Mother of All Locks (MOAL) is a purpose made, innovative limpet-style lock designed to fit on the exterior of both side and rear doors of most vehicles. In addition to the MOAL's intrinsic strength, its distinctive design gives this lock a strong physical presence, deterring would-be thieves.

Did you know that it only takes a criminal a matter of seconds to force a standard lock on an unattended van?

Using an alloy developed by the Aerospace industry and re-orientating the mechanism within the metal housing, the weight of the MOAL is significantly lighter than other limpet style locks without compromising vehicle security.

The locking mechanism is positioned in its housing to protect against drilling, and is aligned so that the key is inserted parallel to the vehicle's door panels. This reduces the risk of tampering and helps prevent particles from entering the mechanism. It is both drill and pick resistant.

A further re-orientation of the mechanism allows sliding side doors to have the lock mechanism facing the rear of the vehicle, for added protection against particle ingress while the van is being driven.

The MOAL meets the requirements of vehicle operators who need to secure tools and equipment, especially when on sites or parked for longer periods in vulnerable situations. To make the 'MOAL' truly universal it has been scaled to fit vans of different sizes and is available both large and small.

Tough solutions for a tough environment.

It is a testament to the strength and performance of the MOAL Lock that so many leading LCV fleets in the UK have fitted these devices to enhance the security of their vans.

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