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Fleet FAQ? Fleet Tracking and Telematics

Q. Our drivers’ primary job is as cabinet installers. They spend most of their day installing cabinets and little time driving. Do we need to have an ELD installed in our trucks?

A.The general rule of thumb for determining if your drivers need to use an ELD to log their hours of service (HOS) in their records of duty status (RODS) is if they already need to keep paper logs. If they don’t, then it’s likely you will not need to equip your trucks with an ELD.

If your drivers do prepare a paper RODS but only operate a vehicle eight or fewer days in a 30-day period, then they are also exempt from the requirement to prepare their RODS using an ELD.

That being said, in any case involving the need to use an ELD, you should contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) or consult with your legal counsel. It is not recommended to make a determination about whether you should or should not use an ELD without expert guidance.

Expert Bio

Answered by : Erin Cave from Verizon Connect

Vice President of Product Management, Verizon Connect

Erin Cave is the Vice President of Product Management at Verizon Connect.

Erin Cave is the Vice President of Product Management at Verizon Connect.


Fleet FAQ? Fleet Tracking and Telematics, Questions?

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