Photo by Paul Clinton.

Photo by Paul Clinton.

Nissan's refresh of its Titan pickup nameplate has been rolling out since early 2015, when Nissan first detailed its Titan XD diesel pickup at the Detroit auto show. A year later, at the Chicago Auto Show, Nissan gave details about the gasoline-powered Titan XD. Both trucks would initially be offered in crew cabs only.

In August, Nissan announced it would produce a crew cab half-ton Titan for the 2017 model year. While the Titan XD trucks measure 242.7 inches in length (151.6-inch wheelbase), the half-ton Titan measures 228.1 inches (139.8 inch wheelbase).

The roll-out continued in late July, when Nissan announced it would produce Single Cab models of the Titan XD and Titan half-ton that could find an audience with brand-oriented commercial or government fleet buyers who purchase NV vans. Still looming is a Nissan announcement about planned King Cab models.

While some might argue that the longer rollout could cause confusion among Titan models, it appears to have had the opposite effect. It has clarified Nissan's truck strategy, and given buyers more options from a company mostly known for its variety of sedans.

We were given a chance to drive the newest truck, the Titan half-ton crew cab, in Carmel, Calif.

Photo by Paul Clinton.

Photo by Paul Clinton.

The truck gets the same beefy 5.6L Endurance V-8 found in the larger gasoline-powered Titan XD, and the smaller package makes the truck a lot easier to maneuver, especially during the off-road driving exercises that were presented.

Nissan has added rack-and-pinion steering, a system more often used on sports cars, and the decision pays big dividends when turning the truck. The truck moves quicker in and out of curves and while it will never be confused with a sport sedan, the truck handles nicely.

Nissan is offering its half-ton Titan in four trim levels, including S, SV, SL, and Premium. The truck carries a $1,000 fleet incentive.

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