Chart of prompted brand awareness via AF Research Department.

Chart of prompted brand awareness via AF Research Department.

We asked over 750 fleet professionals to provide their insight about how telematics affects their fleet along with myriad other questions pertaining to fleet telematics. Let's focus on the prevalence of each provider in the market and their brand recognition.

Here are the breakdowns for providers in the overall fleet market, including the medium (100-399 vehicles) and large (400 or more vehicles) commercial fleet market. These percentages were derived from the number of users that reported being a customer of one of the major seven providers, divided by the total number of customers of all of the major seven providers.

The overall response comes first, followed by medium size and large.

  1. Fleetmatics: 22/20/22 percent
  2. Networkfleet: 19/12/9 percent
  3. WebTech Wireless: 19/24/15 percent
  4. GPS Insight: 14/18/16 percent
  5. Geotab: 13/8/25 percent
  6. Telogis: 7/6/9 percent
  7. Teletrac: 6/12/3 percent

Here's a closer look at each provider's market niche:

  • Fleetmatics seems to enjoy a high level of success across all fleet sizes, controlling more than a fifth of market share across the overall and large commercial fleet spheres.
  • Networkfleet does well in the overall sector, but loses its customers as commercial fleets get bigger.
  • WebTech Wireless peaks at the medium-size commercial market and does relatively well elsewhere.
  • Geotab holds a quarter of the large commercial fleet market, the largest portion of that market share.
  • GPS Insight does fairly well across all fleet sizes.
  • Telogis holds a respectable amount of the market across all sizes.
  • Teletrac performs exceedingly well in the medium-size market.

As far as brand awareness, the stats are somewhat reminiscent of the market share but not always the case. Networkfleet is the most recognized for non-prompted, but respondents marked down “Verizon” and “Networkfleet” leading me to believe that not all are aware of the merger.

Chart of non-prompted brand awareness via AF Research Department.

Chart of non-prompted brand awareness via AF Research Department.

Furthermore, this may hinder them in the prompted brand awareness where the only answer option was “Networkfleet” and they performed much worse than in the non-prompted question.

Fleetmatics and GPS Insight both hold respectable positions near the top for prompted and non-prompted responses. Other results are somewhat inconclusive.

This goes to show that having the largest market share doesn’t necessarily guarantee more brand awareness, but there is certainly correlation. It seems that overall providers see about three times more recognition when customers are presented with the names, but customers have greater trouble recalling providers strictly from memory.

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