Today’s fleet managers are pressured to keep doing more with less, while saving their companies money year-over-year, and, at the same time, ensuring that drivers are safe and accomplishing their jobs. It’s a tough job, and countless individuals couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

But, what “drives” fleet industry professionals to keep going, keep trying, and keep improving? Read on:

“I think my generation was brought up to believe in doing your best for the greater good, and improving what you can with little regard for personal gain. If not my generation, it was certainly my parents. Additionally, I have been fortunate to meet many younger, or, at least, new fleet managers who have been anxious to learn from my years of experience. Helping them out has been very gratifying, and I feel the need to constantly push to justify their trust in me. They make me want to be better,” said Carl Nelson, fleet manager, AM-LINER East.

“There’s never been a more exciting time to be a fleet manager. Waves of new technologies, vehicles, driver safety products, laws, and information are coming from multiple directions. The complexity and importance of the fleet manager job continues to grow, and there’s a career’s worth of learning and growth ahead of us,” said Abe Stephenson, fleet & administration manager, for DISH. “Also, I enjoy helping to move our company’s fleet and our industry forward.”

“I can think of only two things: continuous self-improvement and organizational improvements. These are to ensure personal and professional growth,” said Allen Mitchell, fleet consultant and a former fleet manager at Arlington County, Va., Snohomish County, Wash., and King County, Wash.

“I think most successful fleet managers are self-motivated to a great extent,” said one fleet manager, who wished to remain anonymous.

“Fleet is my passion. I love the challenge, fast-paced environment, and ever-changing world of vehicles and technology,” said Vicki Driessen, fleet manager, Faith Technologies.

“What drives me? Improving driver satisfaction while working within the framework of safety, sustainability, and price, in that order,” said one fleet manager, who wished to remain anonymous.

“An honest concern for the people I support, to ensure they are provided the best options available to ensure they safely get back home at the end of the day,” said William Forsythe, CAFM, ADP.

“Knowing that technology is always changing in this field, and working to incorporate it into my fleet to make it better,” said Bruce Ottogalli, Transportation Manager, United Water.

“I count it a great day when I can help someone resolve an issue,” said Scott Lauer, associate director, North American Fleet Administration, Merck & Co., Inc.

What can you add? What drives you to be better every day?

Lauren Fletcher

Lauren Fletcher

Executive Editor

Lauren Fletcher has covered the truck fleet industry since 2006 and is the executive editor of Work Truck magazine. With a particular focus on educational, tips and trends pieces in the vocational truck industry, check out her Truck Chat video series or Chatty Chassis blog for more!