Even though you may be solely responsible for the U.S. or North American fleet, it is important to have an understanding of global best practices, especially in relation to your company’s other international fleet operations. The trend at many multinational corporations is to explore ways to achieve greater harmonization among their widespread regional fleet operations.

As a consequence, the next real challenge for many fleet managers, executives, or anyone with fleet responsibilities is going to be how to manage and take a fleet to a global platform. Executives at these companies are looking at their fleets from a global perspective and, in the future, this is going to be an important competency for fleet managers at multinational corporations.

As the U.S. or North American fleet manager, it is a smart career move to elevate your knowledge about the intricacies of global fleet management to better position yourself if senior management desires greater centralized control of international regional fleet operations. In an environment that may gravitate to reduced headcounts, you want to expand your skill set to increase your value to the corporation and potentially position yourself to expand your fleet responsibilities beyond the U.S. market

Unfortunately, you can’t find this information in a textbook. It is knowledge learned by interacting with your peers at other multinational companies. But more importantly, it is predicated on establishing personal relationships with your international counterparts, who you can use as a resource and sounding board.

In addition, best practices in fleet management oftentimes emerge from outside the U.S., which is good reason for you to familiarize yourself with what's occurring in other global fleet markets.

Fleet Managers Must be Lifelong Learners

Successful managers will tell you that global fleet challenges are truly universal and by effectively networking with other fleet professionals it can lead to quicker problem resolutions and creative solutions, saving fleet organizations valuable time and money.

With this in mind, the Global Fleet Conference was created, which is now in its third year. The next conference will be held June 15-16, 2015 at the Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay Hotel in Miami, Fla.

The agenda for the 2015 Global Fleet Conference is based on actual corporate case studies presented by peer fleet managers, discussing specific areas such as:

  • How to create a global fleet organization.
  • Real-world advice in developing a global fleet policy.
  • How to implement a global fleet safety program.
  • Best practices in global sourcing.
  • KPIs to implement a global sustainability program.

A more detailed description of these and other seminar topics can be found at the event Web site.

These seminars are designed to discuss not only what works, but, more importantly, what didn’t work. There are many smart people in the fleet industry and no one intentionally pursues an initiative knowing it will prove ineffective, but it happens. By attending the 2015 Global Fleet Conference, you will learn what didn’t work and you can avoid repeating these pitfalls.

 Exposure to Global Best Practices

The Global Fleet Conference is an excellent opportunity to connect and collaborate with other fleet managers. The knowledge and experience available at the conference, from the number of managers responsible for multinational fleets, will provide the greatest opportunity to learn about global fleet management. You can’t find this information in a white paper; you have to attend in person. “This conference cannot be missed,” stresses Keith Scolan, manager, global fleet for ITW - Illinois Tool Works Inc.

These networking opportunities will allow you to learn from your peers about best practices in managing a global or multinational fleet. In addition, the conference will provide a venue to network with key representatives from major global fleet management companies, fleet suppliers, and OEMs.

The idea of a global fleet conference has resonated with fleet managers at many of the world’s largest multinational organizations, and this is best exemplified by the fact that the first two conferences were completely sold out. The Global Fleet Conference is a joint venture between Bobit Business Media and Nexus Communication, which alternate the annual conference between North America and the European Union.

To learn more about the Global Fleet Conference in Miami, view our Web site.

I encourage you to talk to your management about attending the 2015 Global Fleet Conference in Miami as part of your continuing educational goals. Ask yourself: What are you doing to enhance your skill set and take your career to the next level?


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